A Small School With a BIG Heart

AT THE END OF A WINDING DRIVEWAY set on a scenic hill in Atlantic Highlands, NJ you’ll find Mountain Hill School which is owned and operated by the beautiful Kaiser family. When I first met Lauren Kaiser and saw Mountain Hill I knew in an instant that it would be the best place for Natalie to transition from a year of aggressive cancer treatment to introducing her back into the world of being a kid and going to school. Complete with pushy goats and a very hungry pony, Mountain Hill offers so much… Read More

Unspoken Words

This time last year we had just busted out of the hospital with Natalie.  About a week and a half prior we had returned home from Natalie’s Make-a-Wish trip where we played in the sun for a week at Atlantis (Natalie was 4-years-old).  We had an AMAZING time, however after only a few days of being home Natalie spiked a fever which landed us in the emergency room…turned out she was neutropenic (meaning she had next to no neutrophils which are a type of white blood cell that fight off infections).  This is always very… Read More

Wow…just WOW!

Shame on me for ONLY filling you all in on this now (I’ll spare you my excuses)…BUT….our 2014 Will You Send Us a Dollar campaign raised $164,326.03 for        The Truth 365!!!!  WE DID IT, we passed our $150K goal!!! Because of all of you and your HUGE hearts and your kindness, EVERY, SINGLE, SOLITARY dollar of that money will go towards funding childhood cancer research!!!  And for those of you who are new to our fundraiser, I don’t just mean every dollar on our end (that’s a given)…but on… Read More

Hannah the Brave

“It’s shave day, it’s shave day” Hannah screamed as she pounced on our bed last Wednesday morning!  I know it’s been nearly a week since Hannah’s beautiful red locks were shaved off that little head of hers, so I’m sorry to only now be posting about it. What an evening…it might have been rainy and cold outside, but inside on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange it was filled with warmth and love as 600 people gathered to not only raise money for childhood cancer research, but also to raise awareness… Read More

The Balancing Act

I feel as though most things in life are a balancing act. We constantly find struggle to meet that middle ground when it comes to all sorts of things. From balancing work and family, kids and spouses, to health foods and sweets…there are many parts of our lives that require balancing, and yet so many of us struggle to find that gray area. While some balancing requirements are obvious, others become acquired when you’re starting something new. For me it was when I began advocating for our kids in the world of… Read More